Sage ACT! Certified Consulting

Sage ACT! Certified Consulting

Sage ACT! Certified Consultants, Los Angeles, CA

About Us

Our scope is directly relational to skills.  This is why we serve clients nationwide from our base of operations in Southern California. We build customizing and support user friendly solutions for both front office sales and marketing as well as administrative and accounting teams with ACT!® CRM (contact relationship management) software.  We specilize in database integrations, especially linking ACT! data to QuickBooks accounting.

Our focus is typically Business to Business sector plus government and non-profits entites.  We have eared respect for our secure handling of sensitive data.  As a result of this discretion, we are consistently chosen over other IT firms and hosting providers.  For an example, we were chosen to provide conversion services to international investment banking firm.  Their databases contained highly sensitive profiles and personal information of several former US presidents.  Other clients with that have sensitive data include legal and medical professionals, celebrities plus high net worth individuals.

Three decades ago we started by providing accounting and technical solutions to small and mid-sized enterprises
.  As we built our base, expanded to include contact relation management (CRM) systems.  In 1998 founder Victoria Marechal joined Unix software development firm.  Next came a collaborations with ACT! add-on programmers (Ares Development Group) serving commercial real estate industry and developed the first ACT! Link to QuickBooks.  Since both of these firms sold their businesses, Victoria founded CRM-IT to provide a bridge for those existing clients using ACT!

As our offerings have become more sophisticated we continue to evolve providing cloud based systems that enhance teams and deliver project oriented solutions.  Beyond this we also provide hands on troubleshooting, data recovery, network and cloud installations, customization, training, and ongoing maintenance.  With our expansive IT toolset and resources, we offer reliable, state of the art solutions. 

Our Service Pledges

  •     First, understand your needs.
  •     Deliver solutions that increase productivity.
  •     Constantly evolving our expertise.
  •     Use plain talk to help you grasp vital technical issues.
  •     Honor your goals and time lines for growth.
As technology expands exponentially we harness IT and put it to work for you. 

Highlights of our Work

  •    Link accounting system to CRM data - with outstanding results since accounting staff saved about 100 hours per year
  •    Redefine sales territories and sales team assignment  
  •    Make emarketing easier via ACT! - they saved about 10 hours a week using one database rather than multiples
  •    Synchronize data every which way - base to base, remote to work, and smartphone sync too
  •    Clean up data and redeploy to envigorate in the way of infrastrucre that slowsbases that are Convert and migrate contacts out of any database - any platform
  •    Synchronize data nationwide.
  •    Recover passwords, corrupted and/or “lost” data. 
  •    Design workflow for sales & project systems.
  •    Link accounting system to CRM systems.- eliminate duplicate efforts
  •    Drip and E-blast marketing and customized newsletters
  •    VOIP integration with ACT! 
  •    Train hundreds of ACT! users.
If you are considering a change in your systems, we recommend you engage us to create a long term blueprint to promote powerful business relationships.  This is termed "a needs assessment".  As foundation for dynamic deployments, this multi-disciple approach lays out the criteria for hardware/software systems.  But even more important is the ability to work  to serve teams.  Even more important to provide for is collaboration on a human scale.  We create  work flow diagrams to make sure you can quantify success  managers and executives as well as to provide you with effective management of deployments and beyond.  In planning for success, we use surveys, develop territory maps, construct work flow diagrams, and use data mining of existing data to design dynamic systems.

Our most critical mission is to enable you to reach substantial increases in productivity and as a result greater profitability.   We help you achieve a powerful clarity of purpose.

syn·er·gy  [sin-er-jee] - noun

the interaction or cooperation of two or more agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

ORIGIN: Greek sunergos ‘working together’

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