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Keys to a Successful ACT!                                   Deployment


Perhaps you have found us because you want to be a winner in this increasingly competitive environment.  Leveraging relationships, as far as we are concerned, is the singular and highest path to success.  One size doesn't fit all. This is the primary reason we focus on the #1 CRM, ACT!, along with millions of users worldwide.

Like ACT!, we've been evolving for 20 years perfecting the art of CRM and ACT.  Our speciality is data integration.  But we also work on a human level to leverage teams and refine systems.  We also can impliment creative ways to capture and utilize data. Typical targets for improvements:
  • Connect to iPad, iPhone, Android and other smartphones
  • Convenient Cloud Anywhere Access
  • Maximize and Upsell to Existing Clients
  • Acquire and Qualify New Leads
  • Leverage Drip Marketing to Prospects and Inactive Customers
  • Empower Management Through Dashboards and Reporting
  • Streamline Workflow
  • Integrate with Accounting to Eliminate Duplicate Efforts
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Secure Sales Data
  • Create Territory Maps

Our Service Pledges

First, understand your needs
Deliver solutions that increase productivity
Constantly evolving our expertise
Use plain talk to help you grasp vital technical issues.
Honor your goals and time lines for growth.


You may have heard about the axiom about the high failure rate of CRM projects.  We've seen and been able to revive derailed projects. Here's the top five reasons we have seen CRM project fail:

  1. Focus as a technology to the exclusion of internal policies and strategy.
  2. Determination to create and nurture an environment for change and user adaption
  3. Accept failure as a learning opportunity -- not a exercise in blame games
  4. Autocratic manangement style instead of coaching, collaboration, and teamwork focused on individual responsibility.
  5. Lack of budget or appreciation of changing, ever evolving technology

We are aware that some organizations are just not prepared at the get go to handle the variety of issues that arise in moving off of legacy systems.  Challenges arise beyond technology, i.e. reworking business processes, handling organizational change, and
leveraging users morale and expectations. Once management gets bogged down trying to deploy operational CRM, the pure mission of analytics may never get implemented.  How can you avoid this?


Envisioning a perfect world is easy, but in the real world we are uniquely focused on revealing the step by step interaction between people, process, and technology. 

First we  create a long term blueprint, commonly termed "needs assessment". As a result you get a written project plan
to move foward, have a smooth deployment.  We use a multidisciplinary approach with a reverse engineering mindset.  To lay this foundation we evaluate existing systems including hardware/software networks.  Collaborating with your team, we discover gaps in current methods to construct detailed diagrams and establsh concrete steps to quantify accountability. We employ surveys, develop territory maps, and use data mining to design a dynamic process.

Next step is a trial run, often referred to as "means testing".  This phase uncovers gaps between technology and human scale operations.  By staging on a limited scope we can weed out points of failure.  Tracking weakness in an incremental phase, glitchs can be thought through to practical remedies.

At each phase management has the opportunity to inspire change, polish systems, and refine data collection methods to turn theoretical ideas into robust functionality. 


Speciality is data integration.  As data wizards, our time-tested expertise offers a wide rage of services and solutions to maximinze your data.
  • ACT! Data Administration
  • AddOn Tools
  • Auto Dialer, TAPI and VOIP Integration
  • Clean Up Data, DeDup, Repair, Recovery
  • Cloud Hosting of ACT! Desktop versions
  • Conversion (trans-platform)
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Data Mining
  • Handheld PDA Sync (BB, Palm, PocketPC)
  • Integration + Merge Data
  • Migrate Data from one system to another
  • Port Data (move data accross other platforms)
  • Reports - including Crystal Essentials
  • Retrieve and Recover Passwords
  • Synchronization (Application, Internet, Network)
  • Territory Maps and Assignments, auto define and assign
  • Technical & Procedure Manuals
  • Training (Basic, Advanced, Executive level, and IT Administration)
  • Technical Support
  • Upgrade Old Data
  • Workflow Analysis

"Technology presumes there's just one right way to do things and there never is."

 ~ Robert M. Pirsig, author of  Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values